Welcome to Stormux

Welcome to Stormux, the continuation of Fernando Botelho’s F123Light project. Stormux aims to bring a low cost, fully accessible to the blind, general purpose computer to the masses. Stormux is configured to be accessible out of the box. All you need do is write the image, insert the card, and plug it in to get started.

Stormux is optimized for the Raspberry Pi 4. It runs the Mate desktop and is powered by Arch Linux.

Stormux provides access to the console using the Fenrir screen reader, and the desktop using Orca.

Other platforms such as X86_64 and the Raspberry Pi 3 may become available. We are currently a small team, however, and these secondary platforms may not receive as much support as the Pi 4. There is a general purpose support email list if you have questions or would just like to follow along.